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I have engaged Vocational Management Services to provide rehabilitation serviced for ABC staff in South Australia for many years.  During this time, I have found that the employee, their managers/s, treating medical practitioner/s & the ABC Case Manager have all been treated with care & professionalism, & this facilitated the return to work porcess.

All the parties have been dealt with in an open & honest manner, with a view to ensuring the best outcome for the injured employee.

Catherine Ilcessin  ABC,  Manager People & Learning, SA (previous) 


I am writing to thank you & your organisation for assisting our company throughout 2009 with rehabilitation consultancy services.

Your professionalism, constant follow-up with both the employer & our injured workers & your rapport with all stakeholders all have greatly contibuted to many successful outcomes & a happier working environment.

Our management team is very comfortable with you & your organisation's professional integrity, honesty & reputation in the employer community to have Vocational Management Services assist our injured workers to return to sustainable long-term employment.

Having previously worked with you over many years with my former employer, I was very keen to get you involved at Alsco with the knowledge that I would always get the best possible outcomes with the most didicated & focused effort.

George Adamczak, ALSCO,  Manager Human Resources  

...I'm really grateful to you for having embedded that idea in my brain to remind me from time to time to look for a role that will be really 'me' & one that i'll look forward to going to each day.

I'm sure that your other clients are as appreciative as I am of the assistance & encouragement you give them.  Contact with with such creative positive & enthusiastic people makes such a huge difference when you are trying to rebuild yourself, so I truly hope you understand what a great job you are doing & what a huge difference you are making in their lives."

Manager, Dated 5/10/10 

I have struggled for years with my employment choice & after undertaking the assessment with Ross, the penny dropped & I realised why life had been such a struggle.  Thank you.

Andy, Allied Health Professional, 16/9/11

I have worked with VMS rehabilitation providers in three Commonwealth agencies over a period of seven years & have consistently noted the capacity of consultants to quickly identify & appropriately adapt their approach to the employment circumstances & to formulate flexible strategies to respond.

In particular I have been very impressed with the high quality vocational assessments undertaken by VMS which utilise an assessment tool that responds very well to individuals with varying education levels & skills basis.  The use of the assessment tool is further augmented by the VMS assessor's extensive labour market experiance.  Hence the reporting is far more applicable to the jobseeker/redeployee & is able to go far beyond other vocational assessments that are commonly used.

Ann Davenport, Directorate People Operations, Department of Defence

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