VMS Rehab

For Employers

For Employees

Career & outplacement services

-  Performance Issues

-  Work Performance Improvement Programs

-  Change Management

-  Vocational profiling Assessment

-  Redeployment


Life Coaching & personal solutions

-  Life coaching / Counselling

-  Performance Issues

-  Individual Work / life profiling


Our People

The quality of the service & the results achieved by any assessment is based largely on the skills, life & work experience of the person undertaking the service.

VMS consultants have the relevant professional qualifications, expertise & skills - to help you.

Investing in your greatest asset

-  We develop suitable staff management strategies & procedures to suit your organisation;

-  Tailor made supervision programs for individuals or teams;

-  Provide one-on-one mentoring to prevent workplace or personal issues escalating & resulting in

  Compensation claims;  

-  Assist staff achieve goals, manage change or meet new responsibilities;

-  Assisting positively with performance management;

-  Areas of specific interest include:

                -  Career Assessment,

                -  Career & Workplace Coaching,

                -  Communication Skills,

                -  Change Management Counseliling,

                -  Leadership Development,

                -  Professional Development,

                -  Vocational Guidance,

                -  Career Indecision,

                -  Self-Esteem issues,

                -  Fitness for Duty Assessments,

                -  Facilitating with Retirement planning.


Maximising emplyment solutions for individuals & workplaces