VMS Rehab



-  VMS will obtain signed consent to liaise or exchange information regarding a particular individual from the person themselves.  The individual can discuss this authority from with a legal, union or other      

  representative prior to signing.  The individual will be advised on the nature of the information to be exchanged at the time of giving authority.

-  VMS is bound by the code of Ethics of Rehabilitation Providers under the SRC Act 1988 & the Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 1986 - treating all information & confidential & disclosing on a "need to know basis"

  for the sole purpose of Rehabilitation & RTW of an injured worker.

-  VMS will advise all individuals on their right & obligations under the relevant compensation Act, but will also inform the individual of VMS' legal & moral obligations to disclose any illegal or criminal activity.



-  Discussions with an individual's medical provider are recorded in the individual's file & discussed with authorised key players as they relate to the RTW process.

-  If any information obtained about an individual is sensitive/personal but impacts on the RTW outcome, VMS will discuss this with the individual concerned prior to any disclosure to a third party.



-  Copies of medical & psychological reports are kept on the individual's file at VMS.  These files are securely stored with no on but the appointed Rehabilitation provider having access.  These files can be reviewed

   by third person with a subpoena.  An individual also has access to their files.

-  VMS's computer system cannot be accessed by any unauthorised person & e-mails & other process reports are protected by Anti-virus sofware.



-  VMS only obtains & uses information obtained for the purposes of the Rehabilitation & safe RTW of an individual & in accordance to the confidentiality & ethics clauses of the Workers Compensation ACTS in all  

  States & Terrirories of Australia  1986 & the Commonwealth Employees Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 1988.

As per guidelines on privacy in the Private Health Sector from the office of the Federal Privacy Commission

T. 08 8232 6988      E. info@vmsrehab.com.au