VMS Rehab

Vocational Rehabilitation & Return To Work Services

Managing workplace injury is our specialty & we have a proven track record in successful case management & case resolution.


VMS is extremely well placed to assist all claimants facing work barriers.  With over 20 years experience in Worker Compensation Industry, VMS’ qualified consultants are trained in managing trauma, anxiety & depression & physical injuries.


VMS provides day one early intervention consultation with employers & employees.    

Our professional injury management practice incorporates effective tailored goal & outcome service, based on holistic achievable return to work programmes.


VMS aligns work practices to meet strategic objectives/outcomes & considers the long-term consequences of actions and decisions.


VMS consults and works collaboratively with others to ensure comprehensive professional input is used.

We translate technical and complex information coherently and concisely for a range of audiences and ensure understanding.


The key to our success is:


•  Accurate assessment of the individual’s medical, social, & psychological barriers as well as employer

    needs and constraints;

•   Identification of suitable measurable & achievable goals, time frames & strategies that lead to  

   sustainable and cost effective outcomes;

•   Appropriate services delivered as required, on time and within budget.


Our results are the culmination of experience in accident & investigation, trauma management, conflict resolution, re-deployment as well as all facets of workplace rehabilitation.

-  Initial Needs Assessments

-  Return to Work Planning & Management

-  Vocational Assessments

-  Labour Market research

-  Workplace Support Services

-  Suitable Employment Assessment

-  Fitness for Duty Assessments

-  Work-Trials & Work Hardening Placements