VMS Rehab


Reducing the incidence & cost of injury


VMS Occupational Therapists are AHPRA accredited & highly experienced professionals who have worked in hospital & treatment settings & are familiar with a multi disciplinary approach to injury & illness.


Services provided include:


- Home / Activity of Daily Living Assessments

-  Ergonomic & Workstation Assessments

-  Psychological Worksite Assessment

-  Psychological Job Analysis

-  Job Dictionaries

-  Manual Handling Training

-  Risk Assessments

-  Ergonomics & Job Suitability

-  Functional Capacity Assessment

-  Vehicle Assessment

-  Graduated Return to Work Plans & Programs


Psych Worksite Assessment - Involves an extensive review of the worksite & duties to consider psychological factors such as worklaod, level of cognition required, level of critical thinking, impact of noise, light & other staff members.  Can provide recommendations on duty structures, positioning of workplace etc to minimise stressors.


Psych Job Analysis - Extensive review of all duties performed in pre injury or new duties & considers level of congnition required, critical thinking skills required, potential stressors etc.